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Skip the instruction manual, our desktop application has been designed for the first time user and will get you printing in minutes.


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Meet our desktop application

The software has been designed with you in mind. A minimal interface and instructional videos guide you every step of the way so you can get started in minutes.


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Smart Alignment.

We've developed a unique approach to alignment. Just tell the software the location of 2 key features in your board and it takes care the rest.

This alignment method allows you to create two layer boards with ease, or dispense paste on boards that already have components.

Automatic Height Compensation.

Before you dispense, the software will measure the height of an array of points on the board.

The software uses the height map to compensate for any inconsistencies and irregularities on the surface and makes micro adjustments in real time to ensure a perfect print.


Is the software free?

Do I have to learn a new CAD tool?

Does it update automatically?

Is the software complicated to use?

Learn by watching.

Whether you use the V-One once a day or once a month, you will be able to pick up right where you left off. These short video clips are built right into the app and will make the tricky parts easy.

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