Printing circuit boards is easy.

The Voltera V-One uses an additive approach to create circuit boards. Ink is dispensed precisely where it is needed without any waste.

8 mil


0.65 mm

Pin pitch

1 hour

or less

Single and double layer circuits.

Create a single or two layer board and keep designing like you're used to. You can mix surface mount and through hole technologies with no difficulty.

The V-One comes equipped with all the consumables and accessories you need to get started. Setup is a breeze and in just minutes you will be printing your very first circuit board on the V-One.

Works with your favorite platform.

Development platforms have become the easiest starting point for many projects. Take your breadboard projects to the next level with your own personal shields.

Get started quickly on projects with the Arduino® Uno, Arduino® Mega, Raspberry Pi™ B+, and the Particle Photon.

Design your circuit with the software you already use.

Load your gerbers in our software and print your circuit

Mount your components on and reflow, or hand solder away!

Silver based ink.

Our ink is over 90% silver and has excellent electrical properties, perfect for digital and low power applications. Even high frequency applications up to 5 GHz are possible.

A single cartridge can print 85 simple circuits. That means 85 unique designs with no lead time.

Visit our specifications page to learn more!

Solder without compromise.

You don't have to use conductive adhesives or glue to secure your components. Our ink is fully hand solderable with our provided solder wire alloy.

Once the ink is printed and cured, you can place your components on and start building!

See the V-One in action!

Learn how to create a double sided circuit using the V-One Drill in this detailed walkthrough.


How long does an ink cartridge last?

Are there frequency or current limitations?

Does the ink deteriorate over time?

How does this ink compare to copper?

Am I limited in what components I can use?

I design electronics. How does this help me?

Design at your own pace

You don't need to contact a factory across the world to get a few boards made.

It's easy, just load your files and click print. No lead time, no stencils, no hassle.

Reduce the cost of a mistake

Have you ever waited weeks for a board to arrive only to find out you made a mistake?

The V-One prototypes your ideas immediately and at low risk from the comfort of your desk.

No nasty chemicals

Stop using toxic and corrosive chemicals that cannot be flushed down the toilet.

We use a completely additive approach and only deposit material exactly where we need it.

A platform for all of your needs.

The V-One is a versatile tool that will help you in any stage of development

Ready to build faster?

We can help with that.