Print anything on everything.

Experiment with new fluids using the Voltera V-One platform. Print with your own materials onto the substrates you want.






Max Temp.

An affordable dispensing system.

The Voltera V-One is a precision dispensing system for viscous inks and pastes. This experimental platform brings your novel applications to life.

Use your own materials.

The system uses standard 5cc syringes. This means cartridges can be filled with any material you want to dispense with. We even offer UV blocking cartridges for sensitive inks!

Our robust dispensing system can handle most high viscosity fluids right out of the box. Contact us today to find how we can help you!

A flexible platform.

Our standard substrate is FR4, but that doesn't mean you cannot print on other ridgid materials like glass, ceramics, or even on flexible films like Kapton or PET.

Scientists all over the world are using the Voltera V-One to accelerate their research.

Thermally cure your materials.

The mounting platform doubles as a heated bed. With a 550W heater, the bed can reach a maximum temperature of 240°C (464°F) in about a minute.

The temperature profile can also be customized, so you are able to thermally cure all sorts of materials and substrates.


Can I print with my own inks?

What substrates can I print on?

Do you have inks for flexible electronics?

Can I get an empty cartridge?

Experiment without restrictions.

The V-One may help lower any barriers to entry you're experiencing.

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