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V-One PCB Printer


Gerber Export Guide

For EAGLE v9.0.1+ users, we have a pre-configured CAM file for exporting your gerbers:

  1. Download and extract the Voltera CAM file
  2. Open your board in EAGLE.
  3. Run the CAM Processor - Navigate to File > CAM Processor.
  4. Within the CAM Processor window, select File > Open > Job, and select the Voltera CAM file.
  5. Click 'Process Job'. This will generate the gerbers and save them in a outputs folder in the same directory as your .brd file.

Design Rule Check

To ensure your circuit can be printed by the V-One. We recommend downloading the Design Rule Check file as well. This will help catch design rule errors before printing your circuit.

To use the Voltera DRC, do the following:

  1. Download and extract the Voltera DRU file
  2. Open your design in EAGLE
  3. From the menu bar, click Tools > DRC
  4. Click Load... and select the voltera.dru file